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Funny effects for your pictures


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Face Changer 2 is a photo-editing tool to apply lots of funny edits to your pictures.

With Face Changer 2 you can import a picture from your device's memory, or use the integrated search box to find a picture of anyone else on the Internet. This allows you to get a perfect picture to edit in just a few seconds.

Once you choose a picture to work with, you can start editing. The main feature in Face Changer 2 lets you apply different effects over someone's portrait, making his or her face look like an alien, a squirrel, a monkey, Frankenstein, and more. You can also adjust the intensity of each effect.

Apart from that, Face Changer 2 lets you enter text snippets and add lots of different stickers, including sunglasses, beards and moustaches, and wigs. You can move, rotate, and resize all these things, and arrange them just as you want.

Face Changer 2 is a photo-editing app that creates really funny results. Once you're done with a picture you can save it on your device's memory or share it directly on any social network.
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